Sail-Book for Owners

Sail-Book App for Yacht Owners is an extremely useful information tool, as it provides always updated information about your yacht bookings and manages your cooperations with Brokers and Skippers. More particularly with Sail-Book App you can:

– View your Yacht Fleet and the specifications of your yachts
– Add, view and update your Yachts Bookings /Options (future & past)
– Add, view and update your Special Offers  (future & past)
– View your Bookings Calendar (bookings, options, transfers)
– Browse the Sail-Book Global Brokers Directory with contact details and ability to initiate cooperations
– Browse the Sail-Book Global Skippers Directory with detail CVs and ability to initiate cooperations
– Quick view of cooperations with Brokers and easy ability to extend
– Quick view of cooperations with Skippers and easy ability to request extension