About Sail-Book

Sail-Book app is directed towards yachting and travel professionals.

Using Sail-Book, Yacht Owners & Operators can:

  • Declare the availability and prices of their yachts,
  • Permit brokers to use their calendars to book the yachts on-line & real-time,
  • Manage the availability of their yachts from a browser or from their mobile phone/tablet,
  • Get financial and time reports on the performance of their yacht rental business

Using Sail-Book, Skippers & Hostesses can:

  • Publish their professional & technical experience,
  • Declare the availability and prices of their services,
  • Permit Owners and Brokers to use their calendar to book them on-line & real-time

Using Sail-Book, Travel Agents & Yacht Brokers can:

  • See and query the aggregate fleet of their partners,
  • Use an API to connect directly to their in-house systems,
  • Expand their reach to more Yacht Owners & Skippers